Linking A Tag Or Card

How do I activate a Wallet Card?

To link a wallet card to your account, you'll follow the same easy steps as linking a tag! Each wallet card can only be linked to one pet profile at a given time. If you have multiple pets, we suggest creating a pet profile to link to the card that is a group or family photo of your pets. Follow the same steps that you used to add a pet profile to your account, but include the names of all your pets on that one profile and use a picture that includes all your pets if possible. Then link your wa...

I tried activating my pet's tag, but it says it is linked to another pet. What do I do?

Please send an email with a clear picture of the QR code-side of your pet's tag to our support team at ( They'll happily look into this and sort it out for you!

I tried linking my pet's tag and it says it's invalid?

We're sorry to hear you are having issues with the tag activation process. If you are getting an Invalid Tag ID Error, please check to be sure it isn't already activated on your pet’s account. If it isn't activated already, we have found that sometimes numbers are confused for a letter, or vice versa. Here are some of the most commonly confused characters: - Zero for the letter "O" or the number "8" - One for the letter "I" - Two for the letter "Z" - Three or Eight for the letter ...

Can I transfer my pet's tag to another pet?

If you received your PetHub tag from a municipality, that tag is most likely also your pet's license! This means we are unable to transfer it to another pet. You can however get PetHub tags for your other pets by getting them licensed as well! Please reach out to our support team at ( if you need further assistance or clarification.

How do I activate my pet's new tag?

We have a super easy activation process! If you have an existing account on, follow the steps below: - Sign in to your PetHub account, or go to and select "Existing Account." - Click the blue "Activate An ID Tag or Card" button below your pet's photo. - Fill in the tag ID and CAPTCHA code and click "Activate". If you are new to PetHub and do not yet have an account, follow these steps: - Go to - Click "New Account." - Follow the steps ...