My pet is missing, what do I do?

First things first, get a Lost Pet Poster created and post it around your neighborhood and shared on our website.


Create a Lost Pet Poster:

  1. Log into your PetHub account.
  2. On your pet’s profile, click the blue link: “report missing”.
  3. Follow the online step to file a Missing Pet Report.

Once you finish filing the Missing Pet Report, you’ll be able to print your lost pet poster as well as share it on your social media accounts.


You also need to visit or call your local shelters in the area where your pet was last seen. After using the link described above, if you are a Premium user, you will have an opportunity to send an electronic lost pet poster to those shelters.


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Time is of the essence: get out to their last-known location, call their name, take their favorite toys and treats with you, and don't run at them when you see them (they might be frightened, so give them time to recognize you and come to you).