My pet already has a microchip, why do they need this tag?

Microchips & PetHub tags are different, but we highly recommend having both!


A microchip is planted under your dog's skin. These can actually move around under their skin and get "lost" or become hard to scan. Also, if someone finds your pet, they have to wait to take them to a vet in order to get them scanned. And if you don't remember to update your information on under your pet's microchip, you could have out of date contact info.


PetHub tags offer an easier way for a good samaritan to get your pet home if they find them. All they have to do is scan the tag with their phone or call the 24/7 hotline printed on the tag, and they will get your name and contact number so they can get your pet home straight to you, without the middleman!


Like I said, we highly recommend both. Plus your PetHub tag comes with our free basic service & provides even MORE protection if your pet ever gets lost.