I got a notice that my pet's tag was scanned but I didn't scan it. What's going on?

I’m sorry to hear you received a false scan notification, I’m sure that was a worrisome moment for you!


There are a couple of reasons why this may have occurred:

  • Someone scanned the tag to test it and didn't clear the browser. This means when they opened their browser on the mobile device it showed the profile again which triggered the email.
  • If there is a picture anywhere online with the QR code showing clearly enough, it is proven people will scan it to see what it does.

Try clearing your browser so that the pet’s found form does not reload each time you open the browser on your phone. Also, you can check where the “scan” is coming from by logging into your PetHub.com account, clicking "My Account" at the top-right of the page, then clicking Tag Scans on your account page. This will show you the IP address as well as the last scan for your pet's tag.


If the alerts continue, please let us know right way. If you can forward the email that will help us track down how it was triggered.